3 Key things to know about marketing agencies

business marketing agency meganmooremarketing Aug 06, 2022

marketing agency is a sound investment for businesses to produce long-term results and keep payroll costs down.

Marketing is overwhelming for businesses regardless of size, yet it is indispensable for success. It is even more critical now with stiff competition. Implementing technology in marketing techniques enables businesses to thrive better in competition. It is common for entrepreneurs to start out taking care of marketing themselves, but what if you want to level up your business?

There are various reasons to consider hiring a marketing agency. Doing your marketing takes excess time and effort, meaning your promotions are underperforming. You may want to enhance the quality of marketing strategies and create a better process that converts.

Like other aspects of marketing, you require constant learning, a lot of practice, and exposure to master the marketing demographics. These require SEO, copywriting, and coordinating social media, books, videos, and articles. No one is an instant expert on these subjects, so a marketing agency can help.

Still not sure if a marketing agency can benefit you? Here are three things you ought to know before you hire one. 

1. You Are Tired Of Not Increasing Your Visibility  

Marketing aims to generate qualified leads for sales and boost brand awareness. Ideally, visibility = leads = money for your business. But not all numbers are equal. It is best to have the RIGHT people watching your business. Partnering with a reliable marketing agency lets you find their target audience and work to get the company in front of them.

Businesses thrive when they are popular, even before they succeed in ability. Modern customers consider visibility equal to credibility. If they don't know your brand, they won't choose you, which is why getting in front of your target customers is an investment for success. Even the highest quality products can potentially remain useless to bring new leads if no one knows about them.    

2. Having a Blueprint for Your Marketing

A successful idea should always have a blueprint to support it. It is the map or timetable that defines your marketing goals and creates a timeline for them. With this, you can understand what to do and when you should finish it. It brings clarity, organization, and insight to the development process so you can make better decisions when beginning a new marketing or branding initiative.

Marketing involves a lot of activities. You post and sort network, yet you may not understand marketing. A team of experts working for you on a strategy will increase your bottom line.

Our recent success story came after working with a client for only three months. In the periods, she increased leads more than EVER before in her 7+ year business. She's getting proposals sent out and requests and hit over 300k views on some of her Instagram reels, all thanks to our marketing team.  

In a gist, having an effective marketing blueprint backed up by a reliable marketing agency will deploy the best customer experience and deliver on the promise a brand makes to its customers. That's the reason it is a must-have for every business.

3. You Partner With Multiple People

Nobody can do everything. While you may feel the need to take matters into your own hands and do everything, t is not realistic with marketing. A successful marketing strategy requires a person for social media, a website person, and another random person doing your Pinterest. 

A marketing agency will put all this together and save you MONEY in the long run. Suppose you are paying one person to do your emails, another to do your Instagram, and a third for collaborations, or maybe a fourth for random other things on your list. In that case, it is impossible to communicate and unify the strategies. Such random teams are likely not following the SAME strategy.

When you work with a marketing agency, they have ONE plan and implement it. And they can even expand if your budget allows for it. Having your team of marketers work for you is vital to your success. Whether as an author, coach, or storefront, keep it all in ONE place so they can see the holes and follow a campaign to win.

Equally important, it is best to work with the same marketing agency partner. The same agency will get you results and give you time to focus on your core business.

Benefits of Partnering with a Marketing Agency

A marketing agency provides various benefits and can be a relief for businesses looking to scale up. Some of the top benefits include:

  • It can be short-term. You can partner with a marketing agency to scale up to a certain point. The flexibility and scalability of these services are essential for business success.
  • Due to its scalability, you can add on. This means you can start with having a strategy and then add on later if you want the team to write emails...or do Pinterest. 
  • Start seeing measurable results like when and how many emails are sent, posts that go out and inquiries coming in.
  • You don't have to keep the SAME agency on forever. If you have a staff member...you're likely to have them stay on the team, and creativity can lack sometimes. Having an agency means fresh eyes from an outsider's perspective! 
  • You can't do it all. You will burn out if you are the admin, sales person, manager, coach, or writer, and you also try to do the marketing. We've seen it 100's of times. 

When is it time to hire a Marketing Agency? 

 Staying on top of the ever-changing trends in the era of Mar-tech (marketing and technology) is an endless task. As a business owner, marketing may not be your core role, and if you keep trying to stay on top of it -- you'll burnout! 

The world of marketing is broad. But there is always room for having a marketing team and marketing agencies. Partnering with a marketing agency behind you or your internal team enables you to enjoy less complexity in the marketing process with more efficiency.

Your marketing should be a revenue centre, and having a team of professionals will help you drive your goals. Get your custom proposal from our team now, fill out the form or reach out to us via one of our social platforms. -


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