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Our CEO, Megan, started her business in her basement, and it has since blossomed to serve thousands of clients worldwide. With a deep understanding of marketing, she holds a profound appreciation for businesses of all sizes. Megan believes that every business requires marketing, and regardless of your budget, we are committed to finding ways to support your growth.

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New Client On Boarding Rate (how it works!) 


Every marketing project no matter how big or small has an on boarding fee.

On-boarding fees start at $600 and can go up to $2500 Canadian depending on the package you choose and the needs of your business. This helps us get the project started. Some projects need new branding, others need a lot of meeting hours to go over exactly what we want to accomplish while we work together. And some projects - require very little to start! We'll be able to give you the exact on boarding price and your monthly marketing rate after our initial consult (it's free!). The fine print: No matter WHO we work with - our minimum commitment is 6 months. This helps us establish a strong relationship, build up your systems & support YOUR business properly. 

How does hiring our marketing agency work?


You schedule a free consult call or text us asking for a proposal, 403-813 7520. If you're not sure exactly what you need for marketing our team will also also offer guidance & ideas based on the gaps we see in your current marketing. 


Our team prepares a custom proposal for your marketing needs. Every business is different & everyone has different needs - we want to make sure what we do for you serves YOUR business best.  


You hire us and start seeing leads, sales & happiness increase.  



Social Media Strategy + Posting for your business

Looking to have your social media done for you? We will prepare a strategy and implement it.  Keeping your social media consistent will bring in leads - and benefit you if you find staying consistent is hard! The price varies depending on how many accounts you'd like us to post to & if you'd like us to come on site to capture or not!  

Starts at $600 Per Month, Click here Our Consult Calls are FREE!



Let us take over your marketing. Full service from social media to e-mails and blogs. This is your dream coming to life. 

We'll prepare a full content strategy & our team will do the work FOR YOU!  This will get you from where you're at to where the next level is- building up more visibility and increasing leads. This package starts at $1200 per month. Once we have our consult (that's free) we can outline exactly what would be needed for your marketing. This may mean blogs a month,  weekly e-mails to your list, pinterest etc. We can't give you a clear scope of project until we meet and define what would reach YOUR audience best! 


Starts at $1200 Per Month, Click here Our Consult Calls are FREE!



Content Captures Reel / Video creation and done for you posting

Content matters - which is why our team loves coming to your office, restaurant, house, airbnb, fitness studio, etc to capture YOUR moments & products.  We outline what reels we want to capture for you to use on your socials and our team. Once our team captures your content - we'll create reels + video content and post it for you. 


Starts at $550 Per Month, Click here Our Consult Calls are FREE!

We are the out of house marketing team you've been dreaming of. Let's talk, it's free to pick our brains ;) 


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