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How to generate more sales online

new entrepreneur podcast Jul 22, 2021

Do you remember when you started your business you had visions of money and sales coming in every day? That people would find your website, walk into your store and just buy things.   In my very podcast episode, I talked about attracting the right audience. On today’s I teach you how to do that, and when to do it.  I know so many of you don’t have a product problem (your products are amazing!) but you do have an audience problem. Whether you are in year one or 10 of your business you should be consistently working on attracting a new audience. This means new people should be finding you every single month! Don’t worry – I am here to help!

After listening to this episode and reading today’s blog you’ll feel more confident, calm, and comfortable with growing an audience & doing so in a marathon rather than sprinting.


HUNDREDS of products, services, and courses are launched every single day and the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs and storefronts make – they open their doors before their audience is created, and ultimately before their audience has a relationship with them!

Not many people will share this with you but on average 3% of your audience will buy from you, and if you sat back to look at how many sales you’d make TODAY with 3% of your list buying from you – where would you be?

What would happen if you added 1000 new audience members within the next 3 months? Real people (aka your target market)  to that list, what does that number look like now? 


Know your audience, I talk in the episode and give a specific example of my amazing mama – and how I know she’s not on Instagram. If I was trying to attract a 54-year-old woman in my audience, I may not find her on Instagram. But she  sure as heck is on Facebook sharing memes and quotes all-day 😉

I’d love for you to focus on ONE platform and ONE foundation instead of 3. Maybe that’s blogging, or your Facebook business page, or maybe it is Instagram for 90 seconds a day (read this if Instagram is going to be your platform!. Once you get really good on your Facebook business page, then add a layer – blogging, then add another layer Pinterest. As creative and solo entrepreneurs we tend to dive into 100’s of things instead of focusing on one platform that we can really grow.  

In a market that has 1000’s of options for people to follow – be the ONE that is consistently showing up and giving value NOT selling. If you check out all the amazing businesses both online and offline – they have shown up even when their audience may have stopped paying attention for a few weeks. By showing up consistently on your ONE platform your audience will start sharing it with their friends because it’s reliable.


3:35: This is the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make in their business!

4:00 – What is worse than sending your kids to school without a packed lunch?

5:00 what NOT to do on your social platforms for audience building 

7:00 when can you hire someone to take over your social media?

9:00 learn how to grow to 1000 new followers in 60 days with

11:00 how can you start TODAY with audience building 

12:00 What can you leave as comments on an Instagram post to actually start a conversation with someone and build a relationship. 

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