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Are you a business owner looking for new marketing tools each month?

do you want to learn how to get things done on your OWN instead of waiting for someone else to do them?!

I want in!

what do we know?

MARKETING! Megan and her team of have helped 1000's of people build businesses.  And since 2016 we realized one thing: GREAT MARKETING CREATES LEADS + SALES! 

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Who is Megan?

In 2014 Megan opened a pilates studio in her basement - she sold out her classes ALL through social media. In 2016, she grew a magazine to reach 1 million subscribers = all through social media. In 2020 when the pandemic hit - she helped business owners focus energy on their SOCIAL MEDIA to continue to reach people despite being 'closed'. While volunteering 20+ hours a month to support the women's shelter by increasing their social media presence. 

Today - her company continues to create, support and implement social media strategies for dozens of business owners all across Canada & the USA.

She recently left the city to live on 40 acres of land in Golden, British Columbia in a tiny house. She travels often, soaks in the mountain views each night & can't wait for you to experience true freedom. Her goal - to shift the way people work today -- saying goodbye to 9-5's, & learning that we live in a season of hybrid work - there's no more 'choosing' between work, kids or pets. You can do it, and have it all. 


What will you get?

Every Monday -
We’ll give you 5 days of ‘what to post’, songs to use, reel ideas and more

Every Wednesday -
Community engagement + support - let’s show some content love. This means we’ll hang out on YOUR content as a community and leave comments, likes - shares you name it our community will do it!

Every Thursday -
New content is going to be released, that means a new MARKETING + business class is going to go LIVE in the portal.
Be it reels, stories, email marketing, how to sell, blogging, pinterest.all things marketing get talked about Thursdays at 9am MTN - if you can’t attend live — don’t worry it’s all in the portal!

Every Friday -
ONE hour get shit done session. Come to the call — choose ONE thing you’re working on that’s non-negotiable — and let’s move it forward. Set your calendars and don’t miss this power hour.

Weekly Cash giveaways! Do the work — get paid. It’s kind of fun to get rewarded for doing your own marketing right?

These are weekly giveaways and challenges to help you stay motivated in your marketing.



Don’t like it - leave it ;)

Our lounge won’t make you stay — we want you to enjoy it, give it a try for HALF price your first month. Use code FIRST50 when you check out — and come be part of our Marketing Lounge.

I want to make marketing MAGIC

So what's the scoop??

  • Monthly Live Marketing Mastermind Calls: Join us once a month for a live marketing call where we share insights, tips, and strategies to elevate your marketing game for that month. 
  • Monthly Content Strategy and Outline: Stay ahead of the curve with our monthly content strategy sessions. I'm going to go over what you should try in your marketing each month. From  trending audios and reels ideas to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more.
  • Story Templates for IG/FB: Engage your audience effortlessly with our collection of 10  story templates tailored for Instagram and Facebook given to you to plug and play each month. 
  • Group Coaching Sessions: Once a month outside of our masterclasses we'll host an interactive coaching session where you can ask questions that are specific to YOUR business. Techn and marketing can be hard - we want to give you a space to ASK how to do things!  
  • Tech Tutorials: Each month we'll show you HOW to record a reel, HOW to setup email marketing etc. Depending on the topic - TECH tutorials are included. 
  • Viral Quotes: We're going to give you quotes to use -- to increase engagement and comments on your posts. 
  • A like minded community: be around others who want to learn marketing and who can TALK about marketing openly. 

Monthly Marketing Lounge Membership



This reserves your spot in the Megan Moore Marketing Lounge.

This is a monthly membership that will renew automatically each month unless cancelled. AND YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME! IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT - LEAVE XO 



is this a good fit for you? 

  • You have a business and love learning how to expand your reach with marketing! 
  • You have a team member who wants to brush up on their marketing skills! 
  • You're interested in email marketing, instagram, Facebook, ads...all things marketing!
  • You want to have a community to ask questions like "hey what audios are you using on reels this week"
  • You want ACCOUNTABILITY for your marketing. 
  • You're sick of cookie cutter posts from everyone (and yourself #honesty!)
  • You have a person on your team that does your marketing 'sometimes' but needs to learn how to do it MORE often! 

Join us today! All calls are recorded, & all content is available throughout the month! 

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Monthly Marketing Lounge Membership



This reserves your spot in the Megan Moore Marketing Lounge.

This is a monthly membership that will renew automatically each month unless cancelled.



Fine Print

Each month we will go over new marketing topics. Like - how to find REAL followers on Instagram or What is email marketing and how often to do it. Marketing changes so often - we do not have a set agenda currently for future months. If a new marketing trend pops up - we will talk about it THAT month. No previous marketing experience is required - we are all here to learn! Consider this -- the lounge you get to hang out in, learn and expand your marketing skills!