it's time to spend 2 days in the mountains working on your business   without distractions. 

This is YOUR 2 day business intensive, our peaceful acreage in a calm space, it's time for you to focus -- on your business.  This is a space where you can get a lot of work done on your business in 2 days. You will leave refreshed and ready to up-level your business from where it's at right now, to where you WANT IT TO BE in the next few months.  

I am so excited... 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.
As a mom of two kids, Kinsley and Rhett, two dogs - Spending time with my family is important to me.
I love the outdoors: tennis, golfing, skiing and more recently spending time at the Tiny Rosehip in the Rocky Mountains.

My mission in life – what gets me up in the morning and what fills my cup is coaching women entrepreneurs to grow a strong and prosperous business of their own.

 If you're looking for the support to take your business to the next level come by yourself, or bring a business bestie who also wants to expand her business. The 2 day intensives are transformational.

Two days in the mountains - away from the distractions of the day to day.  Forget about the laundry, forget about school pick up, forget about waking up at 6am before everyone else to have your coffee in silence.  Come to Golden, BC and spend two days with Megan as your mentor for focused business growth. Consider this your 2022 vacation that PAYS you back. 

You will leave the Tiny refreshed, clear minded and have a 90 day marketing strategy. No more 'wondering' what to do next'. 

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What's included in your Intensive

  • 2 nights (2 days) at off grid cabin - our Airbnb is a SuperHost with dozens of 5* reviews
  • You will leave with a 90 Day Marketing strategy (week by week action items for you to focus on and GROW)
  • Leave with a shared project for you and our marketing team 
  • 3 month post intensive business support - you'll get  bi-weekly meetings with our team to make sure you're being held accountable with your business goals
  • Dinner for both evenings is included - we'll leave your breakfast and lunch selections on site for your arrival - relax, we've hosted tons of events and we don't want you to worry about a thing.
  • A day by day itinerary sent to you 1 week prior to your 2 day intensive 
  • Each day you'll get 3 hours with Megan,  and the rest will be time for you to 'get work done' - we know there's things you feel behind on, this is the time to get caught up. 
  • Pre-intensive workbooks and on-boarding process so you show up PREPARED for our time together
  • Transportation to the tiny is not included *it is located in Golden, BC  
  • The cabin is off grid - and solar powered, there is NO shower, and it is solar powered. You will have the full cabin to YOURSELF, feel free to bring a friend if they'd like to relax alongside you. 
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If you do this NOW, imagine where your business & life will be in 6 months?

Price, and other details:

You will be staying in the Cabin by yourself that is located on our property. It's a beautiful cozy space with a loft bed and main floor sofa. There's everything you need to have a enjoyable stay. You can bring a friend if you know it will inspire and not distract you. You will have 3 hours a day of private business coaching with Megan. Megan will outline a 90 day marketing strategy and will coach you for 3 months post-intensive. Please come prepared to work, be creative, and dive into your business. Your investment is: $1950.  That includes the 2 day intensive in Golden, British Columbia, 3 months business coaching, 2 dinners out as well as breakfast + lunches provided in your cabin.  I look forward to spending time working with you & supporting your business. 



Is the intensive for you? 


What are some things that we could work on during your intensive?

  • Social Media Strategies 
  • Learning how to map out a LAUNCH
  • Creating email marketing campaigns 
  • How to PRICE your products & offers 
  • How to take your current business and bring it online 
  • Get clear on HOW to use marketing to have a constant flow of clients 
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