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Travel Guide: Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa British Columbia

entrepreneurship travel Apr 15, 2024

Where did we visit: Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon British Columbia 

How long we were there: 2 Nights, during April (shoulder season!) 

Our recent trip for a mid week pause away from the hustle and bustle of marketing + tiny home living was to Sparkling Hill in Vernon BC! We're trying to visit places during their off season - we're finding travel during the busy times are even ...busier now! Neil and I spent 2 nights at Sparkling Hill and explored the areas vineyards too! 

The View and Room at Sparkling Hill Resort 

As Neil and I drove up the winding road leading to Sparkling Hill Resort, we couldn't help but be captivated by the breathtaking vistas even before arrive at the doors. Nestled amidst the scenic hills overlooking Okanagan Lake, the resort promised an unparalleled backdrop for our mid-week getaway. As we arrived, greeted by the shimmering brilliance of Swarovski crystals adorning every corner, we knew that our retreat would be nothing short of extraordinary. When we walked into the resort we immediately could feel all of our stresses from work + tiny home living and homesteading disappear. 

Our accommodations surpassed our wildest dreams - the room is not like a regular hotel room, and even saying that is an understatment. I mean every single room has a view - and every single room has floor to ceiling windows!  Offering panoramic views that seemed to stretch to the horizon. And then my friends - the thing I dream about every day since our tiny home lacks one - a bath tub. But not just any bath tub -- a bath tub you dream about. Every detail had been meticulously curated to ensure the utmost comfort and luxury. As we retired to our room each evening, we found ourselves immersed with a local glass of wine from The Hatch -savouring every moment shared together. 

The Pools & KurSpa 

The pools at Sparkling Hill provided the perfect setting for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. The outdoor infinity pool, overlooking the expanse of Okanagan Lake, offered a picturesque backdrop for quiet contemplation and connection. The best part about visiting during the off-peak period - the quiet. There was two other couples there -- I'm sure the hotel had many other guests, but it was just so quiet and peaceful when we were there. The heated pool provided a comfortable temperature amidst the crisp April air, allowing us to lounge and soak in the breathtaking views for hours on end. I wanted to stay for hours...but there was other things to see like the spa! 

The indoor pool and hot tub were just as incredible as their outdoor counterpart, and they provided a cozy retreat from the outside world. Neil and I took several 'laps' in unique Kneipp Water Therapy - you have to check it out! 

 The KurSpa experience is incredible, as a guest you are able to go through the 7 unique steam/ spa rooms. We didn't book a massage or any other services and still soaked in the pools and KurSpa experience! I was really impressed with  the shimmering glow of Swarovski crystals, we felt a profound sense of peace and renewal wash over us. I even managed to have a nap in the peaceful room.  The KurSpa is over 40,000 sq. ft., so ask me how big it feels after living in 400 square feet!

Every moment we spent in the spa was a testament to the transformative power of self-care and pampering - if you are a small business owner - take some time and book this resort, you will come back feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on anything. 

Sparkling Hill Resort should be on everyones bucket list, I think it would make a wonderful girls trip, business trip, couples getaway -- or a really great Mothers day treat (hint hint husbands!) to send your loving mothers too!

Until next year Sparkling Hill - I'll be checking mid-week prices & more moving into the next few years! 

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