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Costa Mujeres Planet Hollywood review

Travel Guide: Combining Adventures with Your Best Friend at Costa Mujeres Planet Hollywood

entrepreneurship travel Apr 07, 2024

Escaping to Paradise: A Journey to Planet Hollywood in Playa Mujeres, Mexico with my best friend! 

Life gets busy, and if you know you know: time flies. I moved to Golden almost 3 years ago now and with that came leaving close friends behind. And if you are brand new here you  may not know that my family of 4 lives in a tiny house on the side of a mountain. So getaways are beautiful -- full running water, full sized bedrooms: it feels magic.

In October I could feel myself getting the itch to spend time with my best friend -- alone. Without our families -- just to be. But we also have the pleasure of being very similar -- we like to work while we travel -- we like to do things while we travel and then we also like to be in bed by 9 one night and dance the next night until midnight. As we are both entrepreneurs - we knew that if we decided to take a trip we still wanted to work during that trip. 

Tyler and I booked a trip to Costa Mujeres Plant Hollywood and literally laughed so much and got so much work done we wanted to basically move right in for the rest of the year! But I promise...after the week was done we did go home to our families (in case you were wondering!) 

As a busy entrepreneur, mom, and homesteader, I knew I needed a break & I knew I needed time with a close friend. I also tend to isolate myself during the months of October + November - as they say in Golden, British Columbia -- this is "Shoulder Season" -- and I could feel myself slipping into an early season of my seasonal depression. 

So, when the opportunity arose for a girls' trip to Planet Hollywood in Playa Mujeres, Mexico, during the magical off-season of October, I jumped at the chance, knowing it would be the perfect blend of work and play with one of my best friends, who happens to be an entrepreneur too. The trip cost me $1400 -- and I felt like for an entire week away including flight, food + alcohol that was well worth it! 

Planet Hollywood in Playa Mujeres offered an enticing package: a five-star resort experience at a reasonable cost and if you've looked at travelling lately - some of the prices are outrageous (or so it feels!).  I want to shout out my travel agent April - for finding this deal, and looking into some of the other options for us - I love the ease of booking with a travel agent -- no hassle, really easy and if anything comes up she's on it for us! 

Where we stayed Planet Hollywood Costa Mujeres: 

Upon arrival, we felt -- hot haha. The drive from the airport isn't long but after a 12 hour travel day all you can think of is -- feed me, give me wine and let me relax. Check-in was quick -- they were super helpful and our room was literally a 3 minute walk from the check in desk which was nice. The service was great and everything was smooth.

October's off-season charm meant fewer crowds and a tranquil ambiance, which suited my preference for peace and quiet perfectly. I like people - but I really don't love travelling when things are super busy. October was a great time to be here -- it was a quieter crowd, no huge parties...and it isn't wedding season - so it was a lot of people who were quite similar to us -- entrepreneurs who were getting away during their off season too!

The food at Planet Hollywood Costa De Mujeres 

Planet Hollywood surprised me with its excellent vegetarian options, even at the Brazilian restaurant—a delightful revelation for a foodie like myself. When we first arrived we were starving, and on the adult only side there is a Brazilian BBQ -- Ty was a bit surprised that this would be our choice but -- as a vegetarian I was able to choose from quite a few things!

The buffets were buffets -- I don't have much to say other than there were a lot of choices but I just can't seem to really enjoy a buffet. But for those quick lunches and mid day French fry cravings - they did the trick. 

There were lots of choices though -- but we stayed pretty close to the adults only side. That's to be mentioned -- the adults only side does not have its own buffet -- you do have to go to the 'kid  /familly side'. 

Room Service at Planet Hollywood Costa De Mujeres:

Game-Changer. We made it a ritual to order coffee every morning, relishing in the luxury of having our caffeine fix delivered to our doorstep. The ease of ordering via the TV interface and the flexibility to choose delivery times added to the allure of this service. I ordered our coffee every night before falling asleep and knowing it was arriving in the morning -- was magic haha. Nothing beats having a fresh cup of coffee delivered to you. 


Planet Hollywood upgrades and star class: 

Planet Hollywood had its share of drawbacks. One recurring annoyance was the persistent push for upgrades to star class amenities. It was like -- we were literally in a difference class of people because we didn't upgrade to star class -- and the thing that we were surprised by -- no one asked us to at check-in. Nevertheless, we resisted the temptation to upgrade and found that we could still enjoy our stay without splurging on unnecessary luxuries. I mean -- some of the silly things we didn't like about this was -- not being able to eat snacks at the pool -- we didn't have a special star class bracelet so we did have to ask some of our close new friends for snacks lol. 

Planet Hollywood excelled in providing a plethora of activities to suit every taste. From lounging by the pool to engaging in various sports, the options were limitless. The lazy river was a highlight—a blissful retreat where we could float leisurely with a drink in hand, I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard watching Ty go under a large waterfall of water trying to protect her drink - haha.

For families, the resort offered quick snack options and a range of activities to keep children entertained. Additionally, the presence of gluten-free menu items was a thoughtful touch, catering to dietary preferences and restrictions.

Travel with a friend who is also an entrepreneur: 

Travelling with someone who also works for themselves -- is different than travelling with someone who has their week off and this IS THEIR vacation. Ty and I both went into this trip -- with the expectation to make it a work-cation. I worked in the early mornings -- she sometimes worked mid days. I took client calls mid day -- and didn't miss a beat. I didn't need break from work -- I needed a break from "life" -- and if you know what this feels like -- book a trip with a business bestie -- to an all inclusive so you can pause from being one. The amount of creativity that comes to me when I'm not at home making snacks, laundry etc -- is magic. Pure business MAGIC. I swear I make more money when I'm away then when I'm home haha (...I should write about this and analyze it!). 

As I reflect on my experience, one realization stands out—I have a newfound appreciation for boutique-style hotels & travel with friends. I feel -- it's important. Not only do you get to spend time with your friend - you learn a lot about yourself when you are away from your family. 

Personal preferences aside, the allure of Playa Mujeres' pristine beaches and the vibrant culture of Isla Mujeres left an indelible mark on my soul. Our day trip to Isla Mujeres, where we sailed on a catamaran and swam with turtles in the crystal-clear waters, remains etched in my memory as a moment of pure magic—a testament to the beauty of nature and the richness of Mexican culture. Please make sure -- to go to the Isle Mujeres if you visit this location. 

Why visit Costa De Mujeres now? 

It is rapidly growing -- our first trip here was in 2020 -- during the quieter times when things were still closing and re-opening (stay tuned I'll write about some of the other resorts we've been to!) BUT -- GO now. Before it gets busy, before the entire beach is full of condos. Our first trip in 2020 - - only a few hotels were on the 'strip' and now -- there's at least a dozen. Even our trip to the island was different in 2023 -- busy, and prices were increased for tourists. 

The beaches -- are really out of this world, the water is clear and there is very little pollution. And the culture -- I find further south to be exhausting now -- Costa is closer to the airport, still quiet and all the hotels are new -- something about a new hotel gives energy to the staff, and area! 

It looks like this entire location is becoming the new Mayan / Akumal further south region -- very popular with a ton of new hotels popping up every year. GO now -- and visit it before it becomes -- well over run my spring breakers. 

My experience that exceeded my expectations. While I may prefer the intimacy of boutique hotels, the resort's offerings and the allure of the surrounding area made for an unforgettable adventure. As a busy entrepreneur and mom, this adult-only escape with my best friend was just what I needed—a chance to unwind, reconnect, and soak in the beauty of life. Would I return? Absolutely, and next time, I might just bring along my kids for a family retreat.

Until then, I'll cherish the memories of lazy days by the pool with my bestie, working while soaking up the sun in our swim-out room & the warm embrace of Mexican hospitality.

*Psst, if you're planning your own escape to paradise, I highly recommend reaching out to April my travel agent—she's a gem and can help you plan the vacation of your dreams.We've been booking with her for 3 years now and so appreciate her support and ease of process. 

And P.S.S -- book a trip. Being a business owner can be consuming as you know -- and it's nice to work somewhere -- a good change of scenery is ALWAYS a good idea!  

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