Social Media Management. 

Social media is not about posting.

It's about the PSYCHOLOGY of clicking.

What is your audience doing? What do you want them to do? How can we connect with them? What makes them BUY from social media?

HOW can we get them to CLICK on your content = so they BUY?

We know how to do that for you.

Our team loves to use authentic content for your Instagram reels, stories & newsfeed content. How do we do that? Our team DIRECTS YOU to create authentic videos, photos and content so that our team can turn them into reels, stories and newsfeed posts!  

We love managing your social media accounts - but what we really love more is increasing your visibility to increase your sales. 

First -- book your spot (there's a little payment button below)

Second - our team will create a project custom to YOU!

Third - our team sends you a giant document with Q's and A's for you to answer so we can create a MARKETING plan to increase your leads for the month.

Fourth - Once you are done the document - we set up an on-boarding call -- and then we DIVE right in! 

What types of businesses do we support?

Clothing stores, bakeries, chiropractors, tattoo shops & spas. 

Life coaches, healers,  course creators, politicians & women's shelters.

Realtors, cleaning companies, occupational therapists & yoga studios. 

clients we've worked with


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How does this work?

1. You decide "yes"

You've taken a look around, you know the value and you're ready to let go of your social media (Facebook & Instagram). 

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2. Schedule & Strategy 

Our team schedules an on-boarding call and marketing session ). We spend 1-3 hours talking about YOU, your business and creating a marketing strategy (so its not just POST and go!) 

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3. Content Creation

We dive into creating a content plan for you. We create a project, and outline what our focus is each day we post, you'll have full access to the project so you can see what we are posting. We do NOT use a pre-schedule, everything we post is LIVE. We use hashtags that are unique to YOUR business. 

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4. We post for YOU

Per week - Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays: 

  • 2x on your Newsfeed per week (Instagram and/ or Facebook)
  • 10 Instagram stories per week 
  • 2x Instagram Reels per week
  • 15 minutes engaging per week (commenting on real accounts that we know would love your business)
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We do the work & you see the results. 

We get it....

You are busy, you know you want to be more active on social media: but at the end of the day there's No more time. 

 If you're not using social media strategically you are missing out on SALES every single day

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Meet the owner

Megan has helped 1000's of businesses grow online since 2014. From franchise owner, large corporations, not-for profit & home based businesses, she has provided strategies that help them find new audiences & increase revenue. She's a public speaker, marketing expert, and tiny home owner. When she's not focused on marketing and business she's spending time in her Tiny Home in Golden British skiing with her family. She's been featured on Dwell, Insider, Financial Podcast & many more. She volunteers for a local women's shelter helping them with their digital marketing strategies. Within one year of working together they raised over $470,000 to help women. 

Take it over Megan

$1277 /month

  • 30 day social media strategy & implementation Facebook & or Instagram 
  • Monday, Wednesday Friday posting 
  • 2x Instagram reels per week 
  • 10-15 Instagram stories per week 
  • 2x Instagram newsfeed posts 
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Let our team do the work for you.

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