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Megan Moore Accounts Manager & team finding balance

Achieving Balance: Working from home and finding a routine

entrepreneurship Apr 12, 2024

Achieving Balance: Navigating Work and Life with Megan Moore Marketing


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding a balance between work and personal commitments can often feel like such a far fetched goal. However, in the world of remote work, there's a chance to craft a routine that fits both your work duties and personal happiness like a glove. As an account manager at Megan Moore Marketing, I've embarked on a journey to establish a work-life routine that not only enhances productivity but also fosters a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Crafting a Morning Ritual 


Allow me to introduce myself—I'm Cierra, and I've been a part of the Megan Moore Marketing team for just over a year now. As an account manager, I oversee multiple client accounts, ensuring their needs are met with precision and care. Originally from Saskatchewan, I now call downtown Calgary home, where I reside with my doggy, Cherry. 


My journey towards a balanced routine kicks things off bright and early at 7 am. Cherry likes to wake me up with a few kisses and a paw to the face (if you have a dog you probably get it), signaling the start of a new day. After tending to her needs, we head out for our morning stroll through downtown Calgary. There's something peaceful about these early hours, setting the stage for a productive day ahead. Back home, a comforting cup of Starbucks coffee and a quick scan of the day's agenda prepare me to tackle whatever lies ahead with clarity and purpose.

The Workday Flow


At 8am it’s time for me to begin my day! I start by setting up my day for success, attending to anything I may not have gotten to the day before. Throughout the morning, I navigate between client communications, strategy development, and project execution, ensuring each aspect of our campaigns receives the attention it deserves. We have a pretty sweet set up at Megan Moore Marketing where we make sure to check in with each client at 10am, 2pm, and 4pm (read more about that here) allowing for us to communicate effectively with each client but also spend the time between focused on getting tasks done for each client. 


What makes having a routine and work/life balance so achievable while working from home is the freedom I have. Every day Cherry and I head out to the dog park around 11 am so she can burn off some energy (she’s only just a puppy… so she basically has endless energy) and so I can take a brain break with some fresh air and sunshine! This daily task really helps me reset my mind for the day to better attend to all of my clients' needs. 

Embracing Flexibility

While structure forms the backbone of my routine, flexibility remains its cornerstone. I find that the beauty of remote work lies in its ability to seamlessly accommodate life's spontaneous moments, whether it be impromptu dinners with friends or unexpected visits from family. This flexibility not only enhances my work-life balance but also creates a sense of autonomy and empowerment. At Megan Moore Marketing, flexibility and respect for personal boundaries is prioritized and I find an environment where boundaries are respected and we are encouraged to live fully inside and outside the virtual office walls.

So there you have it, the lowdown on crafting a work-life routine that's as fun as it is functional. With a little sprinkle of creativity and a whole lot of Cherry cuddles, anything is possible. At Megan Moore Marketing, we're not just about slaying the marketing game—we're about living our best lives, one client call at a time. 


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