Too much screen time & mom guilt!

blog business new entrepreneur Sep 07, 2021

11:30 am, another -30 day – and there’s a very small chance I’ll make it outside with the kids.

Another day, another iPad — another time where Mom Guilt can slip in. 

Actually, with the beautiful Amazon Prime, Grocery Deliver, Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes there is little reason to leave, I even ordered my Toilet Paper online.  You can literally spend all day online if you wanted to – especially when you RUN an online business. 

The online world is one of the most exciting places to be –  you can literally IMPACT millions with courses, products, and services.

But — when I look at my kids while I write another blog, or create what I think is an amazing piece of content for Instagram: I get Mom guilt.

That’s when the guilt kicks in – what if this blog is read by NO ONE, are my kids suffering because I’m working on the business?

Are they being lazy?  Am I being lazy? Is this ‘worth it’? 

It’s like leaving for the first time, or when they cry as you walk out for another meeting. Crap — am I doing the RIGHT thing? *psst..there’s no right thing*

Is this what they talk about when they mention freedom lifestyle? When you’re not jet-setting, hosting events, or snapping those IG photos.  

I ask if they’d like to do anything between writing paragraphs –  they look up quickly and say nope. 

Mom guilt is a pretty regular thing, but it pops through my head almost hourly while I work on my business.

 Even if you hire help, have a team, or take them on trips – there are going to be moments that you just feel bad because honestly, you’re doing a great job- it just may be a little ‘different’ than what you imagined. 

So how do I really manage the guilt, the time, and create a bit of balance?

1. Time Block – 8 am-12 pm: Coffee, client calls. Kids eat breakfast, have their bath, then they can have screen time. I write a blog before re-surfacing for my ‘mom duties’. 

12 pm-2 pm: We play board games, they help me cook lunch (yay no screen time!) 

2 pm-3 pm: They get their screens (aka Ipads) , so I can work on setting up my Instagram to tie into the blog I wrote earlier this morning.  

3 pm-5 pm: We work on their ‘school work’, Kinsley is ALL about reading right now – so I tell them their iPads are dead — and they get to ‘work’. Rhett mostly just sits with me and asks me questions for the entire 2 hours. 4-year-olds are curious as heck. 

6-9 pm: I’ll be out at an event so my partner will watch a movie, or play games with them. 

9 pm-10 pm: Snuggle up with both of them while they sleep — and think about how I can be more present tomorrow. 

2. I accept the guilt. Yup – I remind myself that this is a CHOICE I made. We all have choices, I could probably hire more help, or throw away their iPads, or even work less on my business. CHOICES. ACCEPTING the guilt is one of mine

3. When we disconnect, we disconnect.

All of us – this means I am not on my computer or phone and neither are they. Sometimes this turns into ‘CLIENT guilt’ – meaning I don’t respond and then for a few hours I feel guilty.  It’s OKAY to not be available 24/7

xo This took me a while to embrace. 

4. I am an active user of play places and friends basements —  a lot, McDonald's in Airdrie, peoples basements – whatever and wherever I can create content in all spaces, so my kids can burn off steam/ energy. 

So mama, boss babe, creative genius – I promise you — you’re doing a great job, even with all that screen time.  

Most importantly – do what feels right for YOU. There is  no right or wrong, it’s gotta work for you. And sometimes that will feel like it’s not ‘working. 

What works for one entrepreneur won’t work for you. 

Guilt, screen time, writing styles — they’re all YOUR choices xo If you keep feeling bad about them, you’re going to have a hard time bringing joy into your family and business life xo 

Send me a Facebook message telling me how you get over the ‘mom guilt’ of screen time.  

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