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blog masterclass Jul 29, 2021

Nothing beats gratitude, reflection and thinking about how you got through some of the moments you NEVER thought you’d get through xo

When you discover a ‘new adventure’ — you’re going to feel all the feelings: excited, nervous, happy, sad…etc..

You may even catch yourself saying the words

“I’ve failed before why will this be different”. 

Or worse — someone ELSE says that to you (ignore them!) 

Regardless of all that – you JUST SEE something inside of yourself that you want to pull out, that you KNOW you’ve gotta try.

That’s how I felt when I saw Booty Barre. Crazy right? A fitness class that was calling my name even before I was an instructor.  

I became a little OBSESSED, so I did what anyone does before joining a program or course – I watched all the videos on youtube, I found Tracey Mallet, I googled the heck out of her, IG her, made sure to start watching what other instructors were doing. Then one night I signed up for the training in St-Alberta Canada right away. Then — I found out 2 days before the training I was pregnant.

Which meant morning sickness, exhaustion and for me personally – the lack of motivation to do basically life. 

But I didn’t call and cancel,  I didn’t quit. I could have called Booty Barre and cancelled but instead I just did it. 

I packed up the fam jam and drove the 4 hours for intense training. I fell in love…not only with the training but the WAY it was delivered, I realized quickly that Tracey was on a mission to help women become amazing Booty Barre instructors – and that’s what she did. 

She didn’t want us to kinda understand her program, she wanted us to understand proper movement, the core, what specific muscles you were working,  how to spot injuries, and how to modify movements.

Not only that the FLOW of the class makes SENSE.

Not like hey you’re on your back and then quickly get up and do a squat, then get back down to your back…nope.

She literally has designed some of the best sequences I’ve ever seen in a fitness class. 

Fast forward — I practiced everyday all day ya’ll and finally passed my exam, and started to teach in my home studio.

Which I WILL FOREVER be thankful to Booty Barre & Tracey for giving me permission to teach in my home & introduce people to her beautiful classes. 

Those classes turned into 3+ years in business – for the first time ever. But more than just my classes, I watch Tracey — I watch her from a business perspective, and she’s good. 

And 2 years later I took Booty Barre Sculpt in Whitefish Montana with her — even though I knew I’d sell the studio in a few months.

I LOVED what she was doing so much — that I signed up and did it. I knew having her as a mentor would change 

Because meeting and learning from your mentors is SO much more than there training – it’s being around their energy, their passion — their desire and their love for what they do —transfers over to you.

I’m sitting down in the studio I used to teach every day 4-6x a day in writing this, and I’m so thankful I trusted my gut…followed through and showed up for her training. Even more — I’m just so thankful she created it and inspires the world to follow their passion. 

Thank you Tracey xo 


"Follow the “urges” you get to do something different. You’re being called to it for a reason xo"

Truly successful entrepreneurs don’t let excuses get in the way – they stay focused & follow their passion.

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 Lots of love – Megan xo

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