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Make your first $1,000 as a new business owner

new entrepreneur podcast Jul 06, 2021

I failed my fitness test 4 times, and never thought I would make $1,000 as a new business owner. So lady entrepreneurs if you wanna talk about someone who knows about failing and still pushing through — I’m here. 

The biggest thing I learnt from actually getting a FAILING an exam multiple times: don’t feel guilty if you keep trying. Feel guilty if you STOP.

GUILT will push you into SHAME, and shame will push you into not getting back up and trying again.


When our mindset shifts into shame we don’t feel worthy of any of our desires

Why does it matter that I made a lot of mistakes? Because it is part of my evolution! Part of the expansion of Hello Life Academy which has now become Megan Moore Marketing.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Amanda Tento to talk all about the 4 strategies to build up that first $1,000 EVEN after you “fail”. 

This was one of my FAVE interviews. Thanks for having me Amanda Tento! She has this contagious personality where you want to sit, talk and fly to see her. I fully plan on meeting up with her in the next year or so because this woman is on FIRE (cue Alecia Keys) xo 


The main point that we talked about: making your first $1,000 as an online entrepreneur and the strategies to go with it.  Even if you’ve been in the business for years, being online is COMPLETELY different. 


If you are posting, and posting and posting and not making any sales this episode is for YOU! 


In this podcast interview I go over the 4 step strategy to make your first $1,000 as a new entrepreneur. And for some people $1,000 won’t be a lot – but for many women this is the EXACT thing they need to step into a new life.


For those of you brand new around here Before Kids (BK) I was a GIS technician, meaning I made maps…uh kinda creative but also kinda boring. Especially when I was in the world of pipeline maps – line to dot, dot to line — literally pretty much one of the most BORING jobs. However it paid me really well, and I needed to do it to get to where I am today. ANY experience I have — I am thankful for it. 

I’ve outlined a few of my FAVE times in this podcast: 


 3:44 minutes

Before kids - my heart hurt and I started to lose myself


 5:00 minutes

I was the biggest skeptic of the online space - how did I change my mindset around this?


9:00 minutes

Women want to create things and I noticed this in every single class I taught. They wanted to make their own money - so I showed them how.


 14:00 minutes

A role shifts for a woman when she starts her business - in her home, in her community, in her friends. 


20:00 minutes

Part of the 4 step strategies. Giving YOU your power back as a woman. How I MADE my first $1,000 with my first online program! 


25:00 minutes 

Human touch, and the strongest foundation of a great company. Doing things on a budget actually works.

Everything in my life as a 9-5 woman was ‘OKAY’, but being OKAY isn’t really the life I wanted to life, and I think most of you can agree. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re in ‘OKAY’ mode until we stop and think of what our goals, dreams & desires are. 

I took my first online course IIN in 2014 to avoid post party depression and believe it or not: it worked. At the time I borrowed the money to take the course.

From my barre studio in my home to the Hello Life Academy I talk about how much I FAILED my tests to become a barre instructor — and how I overcame that. Booty Barre, IIN and Bschool completely changed my life— I know this sounds dramatic but it really did. 


The other thing I knew for sure, my CORE desire was and has always been freedom. Freedom to choose money, choose love, to choose joy….and everything I do to this DAY stems from that. 

What are some of my recommendations for people who are starting & hope to make their first few thousand online:

  1. Find a course, program or whatever that you have been eyeing up and DO IT. Stop questioning — it will lead you to a place ….what place? Not sure but it will take you somewhere NEW. Find the money, sell some of your stuff – expansion is on the other side I could almost guarantee. 
  2. Listen to this PODCAST (click here)  to understand and map out the 4 step strategy for your business. So you can hit that first or NEXT $1,000. Ultimately it’s NOT about the amount and more about following the strategy.  
  3. BELIEVE in yourself, and if you don’t do this: grab a piece of paper and write down “I am going to make my next $1,000 by the end of this month, I am worthy”
  4. If you feel like you keep doing things that you don’t ENJOY, remember Oprah’s words “Do what you’ve gotta do, until you GET TO DO what you want to do”. Meaning – sometimes we have to do the crap jobs to get to that dream job we want to be in xo Patience xo
  5.  Thank the people who are currently supporting you – gratitude is wildly contagious xo  

    Wishing you, sending you and praying that you get all the inner joy you deserve, crave and need xo 


Lots of Love –  Megan xo




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