Do you have ‘another business idea’…

new entrepreneur Aug 31, 2021

I love those days…where you’re sitting around other creative people, and you are having one of MOST inspiring conversation. They ‘get it’, they want you to take those thoughts and make them come to life!  You leave the conversation with the feeling of HOLY crap — this is IT,  this business idea, this’s going to work. But then you go to bed, or your kids interrupt, a partner says ‘your idea has a lot of holes in it’ and all of a sudden you push it down again, ...relatable? 


But the thing is, YOU are the inspiration, that passion, that joy — YOU are the only one who can work that idea into life…YOU have it in you, but I want to give you a little kick in the pants for when you get another amazing idea and you want to move it forward:

1. Find someone who will check in with that idea  — and it may be a great idea to find someone who is passionate too, you know the ones 😉

2. Sit down and write WEEKlY goals, and the good ones, goals that are ACHIEVEABLE. Not like ‘I’ll do 10 videos every single day’, and you then find out it’s Wednesday and y our kids are sick and you cannot even do it at all. Be REAL about the growth and the goals.  Something like – ill grow my Instagram by 50 this week) not 5000. I mean you may get 5000 but lets just…keep it to 50 so you can focus on 10 new followers each down (sounds way more awesome than 1000 each day right?)

3.  Confidence – in the mirror, all day ya’ll, your confidence is something that is always a work in progress, but now when you’ve got this idea you have to TRUST yourself, LOVE yourself, and ….give yourself compliments. You need it…you’ll want it and those moments where you may wanna quit — you’ll pull out of your own confidence bank and say I’ve got this. 

4.  A marketing plan (…not just ‘ill grow the biz & make money) but specifics, what are you doing to BUILD an audience when will you EDUCATE your audience, how are you collaborating, what does that look like? This new IDEA needs to come to LIFE…it’s WAITING For you xo

Guys, boss babes, ladies, HLA peeps those FOUR tips are amazing, but Marie Forleo kinda says it best. Watch this, because you’ll feel MASSIVELY inspired to move your idea forward: Watch the video here and I have to let  you know before it even kicks off  that MY FAVE event of the year is coming up with Marie Forleo – B-SCHOOL TIME!!! With that because I love inspiring the heck out of women to take their businesses online,  I’ve got something special that our team is working hard on: A free 30 days to a better busieness. Here’s what’s going to happen:  I’m going to WALK YOU THROUGH the world of taking an idea….and moving it forward, 30 days to a better business, the years BEST EVENT…come over here: 30 Days to A Better Business FREE Event. 

So much love, success and inspiration coming at you, don’t quit on your ideas k?

Megan xo

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