Are you giving away TOO much free stuff in your business?

new entrepreneur podcast Jul 13, 2021

Are you giving away all the free things in your business, and not seeing any money coming back? 

There’s giveaways, free samples, and you bet Aunt Susan who wants to try your newest essential oil blend for FREE. I can’t wait for you to SHIFT THIS and stop giving away all the things for free and to say “I’m worthy” of charging. Now in this episode I give you examples of when it’s okay to give things away for free and when it’s not.

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Quick press play at these key points in the podcast:

4:40 Opt-ins, Freebies & how to attract people to BUY your products 

5:00 The Costco Analogy that you can implement in your business to get clients 

7:00 Why having a podcast is the BEST sample that reaches 1000’s instead of just 1 or 2 people. Think MARATHON list building (listen to episode 32 of the podcast on SPOTIFY (or iTunes) to understand what marathon list building is all about).

8:00 Make sure that you have a STRATEGY for freebies/ offers / giveaways. You don’t want to be giving away all he things in one month and then nothing the next. PLAN for it, how many influencers will you have each month? How many samples can you AFFORD to give? 

9:00 Know the MATH, what is the COST to give something away, and what is the REVENUE you will make if 1 person joins because of that offer/ sample you gave to that person. 

10:00 Collaborations are the KEY to success, read THIS and learn how to start (it doesn’t cost a thing!).

11:00 how to SAY NO when aunt Susan keeps asking about your product/ service for free.  Listen for the EXACT sentence I say when people KEEP asking

What do you think? Are you going to shift your mindset from “here’s a sample”, to “let's collaborate” and make sure it’s a win-win for both of your businesses?

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