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7 Boundaries To Set For Work-Life Balance

business entrepreneurship tips Apr 22, 2024

We know that trying to find a balance between work and life can be challenging - Especially if you are a business owner. However, we can speak from experience that setting these boundaries will greatly improve your overall well-being at work, in your personal life AND still improve your productivity to grow your business.


Here are seven boundaries you can set that will help you create a healthier work-life balance:


Dedicated Work Space

Creating a designated work space can make a HUGE difference. It helps you mentally separate your work life from your personal life. Whether it's a corner in your home or a separate office space, having a dedicated area can increase focus and productivity. It allows you to do work in a space that was created for you but also allows you to walk away and leave work in that space at the end of your day.


Set Business Hours

This one might seem weird because most people think about the freedom of their time when they set out to have their own business. But setting clear business hours is the golden ticket. It not only helps you structure your day when you are working but also communicates to others when you're available for work-related tasks AND when you are not. Stick to these hours as much as possible to maintain consistency and avoid getting burnt out. In other words, pick them and stick to them!


Delete Unnecessary Apps

Evaluate the apps on your phone and delete the ones that distract you or are not essential for your work. For instance, if you have a marketing team managing your social media, you may not need to have Instagram on your phone every day. This simple step can keep you from spending all your time endlessly scrolling - and if you are scrolling you likely aren’t focused on your tasks. 


Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

Figure out which tasks take up a significant amount of your time and consider outsourcing them. Whether it's administrative work, graphic design, or social media management - outsourcing A.K.A. asking for help can free up your time so that you can spend it with your family or on self-care activities that are also deserving of your time and energy.


Leave Devices Where You Work

After work hours, leave your work devices in your dedicated workspace - laptop, tablet, cameras. Whatever you use to do your job day to day. Try to avoid bringing these devices to areas meant for relaxation or family time - Your personal space. This practice helps you create a clear boundary between work and personal life, reducing the temptation to check emails or messages during your off-hours because we know it can be tempting when you are passionate about what you do to want to do all the things to help at any time. We get it!


Consider Using a Work Phone

If your work requires constant communication but you want to avoid distractions on your personal phone, consider getting a separate work phone. OR our team likes to use messaging apps like WhatsApp for client contacts to keep work-related messages separate from personal notifications and to allow us to create our own boundaries around answering messages for our team and clients. It’s a great option if purchasing another device isn’t feasible for you but you still want to create that boundary.


Treat Your Business Like a Job

While running your own business offers flexibility, it's important to treat it with the same level of professionalism as a traditional job. In other words we want to teach you how to show up to work and then be able to leave work at the end of the day! We know this may seem backwards but it works! Set expectations with yourself and others about work hours, deadlines, and your availability. By treating your business as a job, you can create a clear boundary between work and personal life, leading to a healthier work-life balance - and you still get to choose when you work. Freedom baby!!



We know that setting boundaries in work and your personal life is the key to achieving balance. But by actively choosing to implement these seven boundaries, you can improve productivity, reduce your stress, and enjoy a more fulfilling personal life alongside your professional or business goals. That means that you get to spend your energy where it is needed most without leaving the door open to burning the candle at both ends. Boundaries can be hard to set but STICK TO THEM and you will see the results.

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