5 Ways to see product ‘launches’ a little differently

blog product launch Sep 02, 2021

If you have sat down to try to analyze what others are doing online to make all the money and all the sales in their businesses, you may start to see the word  ‘launch’ come up.  It’s the marketing, the planning, the preparing that an entrepreneur does to sell!

I am SO so excited for tonight's blog because launching is one of those things that makes me dance around the house, and high-five anyone and everyone. The planning, the preparing, the ideas, the non-stop excitement of putting your products out into the world with strategy LIGHTS me up!

Let’s start by getting a bit more clear on what a launch is,  I consider any product or service that you add to your ‘shelf’ (real or virtual) can be launched out into the world. Something that builds up…builds up….and then SHOOTS out into the world with momentum is a LAUNCH.

The projects you’re putting out into the world (from Oil packages to Booking Consult calls) are all launchable. And the best of the best have launch plans in place.

Think of your products….like a rocket that kids play with, or like a Hot Wheels Track,  we lay down all the pieces, we put it all together & then we place that little car on the track ready to LAUNCH.  It either crashes and you’ve gotta listen to your kids whine about why it didn’t work (ah-ha moment this is a lot like many entrepreneurs whining about it not working the first time)….or you try again, or to make it around the track – and do it all over again.

The biggest piece of that is: no matter what you’ve gotta do it again. ONE launch — is not good enough, because you should learn more and more each time you go through it – you should get ‘better’, less stressed, less worried, ore trust – that car is going to make it all the way around and back to your starting point. If you’re a mom or a big kid at heart – I think that analogy is pretty much the best one yet (you’re welcome).  

If you’re thinking about taking your product/ service or idea…and preparing a launch, I have 5 short tips that may help Let your DREAM and passion project come to LIFE through a launch: 

  1. Figure out what you are SELLING. Really — get super specific, what is it that you want. to sell and can MEASURE the results. Do you want to sell 10 private training sessions in April? Or 100 pre-sale tickets for your upcoming book?  Is it the hair care product package you love? Or is it the 3-day program you are creating? Is it 5 new team members? Once you get decisive you’ll start to feel like something starts to click – you can SEE   ‘rocket ship’ as a whole. The ONE product you are preparing a launch plan for to set out into the world looks a little less overwhelming.  Otherwise — if you’re working on all the pieces without seeing the overall vision: it’s really frigin’ hard to make It to step 2.
  2. Pick a DAY your CART OPENS.  No matter what industry you are in — your cart opens and closes. Have a big promotion for your store happening on February 4th?…that’s your cart open date. Opening up your course on February 20th?  Your cart opens THAT DAY. (Think of that toy race car track – it needed to have a start and endpoint for that car to go around)
  3. Give yourself permission to figure out HOW TO LAUNCH. But really – if y you’ve never done it before how the heck are you supposed to do it ‘all the right ways’ (which by the way doesn’t exist). Do some research, watch some videos.
  4. Let your DREAM and passion project come to LIFE through a launch. I mean it – there is nothing more beautiful than watching your idea come to life. You get to choose what the launch looks like, how long it is, what you do for marketing- just remember that k? Don’t put it together quickly because you need the money. Put a plan together because you are so stinking proud of what you are creating — that the world needs to see it. And YOU need to see it come together xo
  5. Plan to launch again. That first time planning, preparing, marketing, and putting the pieces together – ya that was just a trial. It’s time to have even more fun xo

Trust yourself, you’re a creative genius, and I hope you’re feeling all the ‘launch’ vibes xo I can’t wait to watch your idea and business expand -Megan 


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