How do the strategy  sessions work?

1. You book your golden hour session 

You've been looking at your business for so long you can't seem to see PAST a few things. These sessions help you navigate the "problems" you've been feeling. Whether that's what to post on social media, or how to launch your next retreat. Once you've booked your session, you'll be asked to choose a date and time that works for you, book early they go quickly! Investment: $297 Canadian

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2. Our team sends you an email with questions 

Before our session you'll get questions about your current business, and what you want to achieve from the time together. 

3. You attend the 1.5-2 hour session

All sessions are hosted over zoom, we don't record them unless you request & you will have a list of tasks to work on based on our call. Clients feel freedom  & clarity on what they need to focus on in their business after their sessions. 

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4. BONUS -

3 - 4 weeks after our session you get a 15 minute call to make sure you're clear and moving forward 

After our session we know you'll start working and have questions - which is why we set another meeting for 15-30 minutes to discuss any questions that come up while you're moving forward. 

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Who are we? 


Megan has helped 1000's of businesses grow online since 2014. From franchise owners to small home based businesses she has provided strategies that get their companies in front of new audiences. She's a public speaker, marketing expert, and tiny home owner. When she's not focused on marketing she's spending time skiing in British Columbia. She's been featured on Dwell, Insider & many more podcasts. 

Who do we work with?

Best Selling Authors, Spas, Life Coaches, Clothing store owners, Instagram Influencers, Fitness Instructors, Yoga Studios, Realtors.  We've worked with companies all across Canada & the United States. 

If you have been a business owner for 3+ years and know you need to take your marketing online more - hire us. Save $50 off your session if you book NOW!